Webinar Series 3: Exploring how lifestyle modifications can improve MS outcomes

It is well accepted that modifiable lifestyle factors are aspects of life that can influence MS disease progression and disability, for example diet, exercise, gut health and supplementation to name just a few. Our friends at MS Research Australia have recently launched two exciting new resources on Modifiable Lifestyle Factors and MS that have been carefully researched. Two tools are available, one for the MS community and a second for health professionals, provides recommendations based on the latest evidence for practical evidence-based lifestyle modifications.

On Saturday 10th October MS Research Australia’s Head of Research Dr Julia Morahan discussed with us how they have been working with clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals to review and access the latest evidence and develop these new guides. Dr Morahan presented an overview of the recommendations and their work.

More about MS Research Australia’s Guides

The patient guide ‘Adapting your lifestyle – a guide for people with MS’ can be found online here.

The guidelines ‘Modifiable Lifestyle Factors and MS: A guide for Health Professionals’ can be found online here.


For more indepth understanding from the researchers behind the recommendations see:

Diet: Watch Dr Lucinda Black discuss the benefits of people with MS following a healthy and balanced diet that includes a wide variety of nutritious foods, rather than excluding any food groups.

Physical Activity: Watch Dr Yvonne Learmonth discuss the many benefits of physical activity for people living with MS.

Weight and Obesity: Watch Associate Professor Yasmine Probst discuss the recommendations of maintaining a healthy weight for people living with a chronic condition.

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure: Watch Dr Steve Simpson-Yap discuss how sun exposure and vitamin D intake have a beneficial impact on risk or clinical progression. Studies have shown that it provides the same benefits as seen in the general population.

Other Medical Conditions: Watch Associate Professor Ingrid van der Mei discuss how people with MS are more likely to have other medical conditions and ways to possibly prevent this from occurring.

Smoking: Watch Dr Claudia Marck discuss the importance of not smoking and effective ways of quitting this habit.

Gut Health and Supplements: Watch Dr Wolfgang Marx discuss how gut health and supplements may affect people with MS.

Lipid Levels: Watch Associate Professor Ingrid van der Mei discuss how having abnormal lipid levels might be associated with disability progression.


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Making MS Research more accessible

The NZ MS Research Trust is delighted to present our new webinar series: online and nationally available. We know that research makes a real difference to the outcomes for people with MS, and the Trust is committed to not only funding the research, but also updating our community on the latest developments. While the current climate makes the much-anticipated MS Research Day impossible, our new webinar series brings this research direct to your home.

Our Webinar Series, kindly hosted by the Liggins Institute, University of Auckland, will present a selection of the latest research in the field of MS both here and overseas.


The MS Research Trust: Why we are here

The goal of the MS Research Trust is to stimulate, co-ordinate and support New Zealand-based research into the cause, prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of Multiple Sclerosis, and to disseminate research findings. We were established in 2015 with donations from MSNZ and the MS Auckland Region Trust, and we continue to seek donations to support the research being undertaken. The Trust:

• Collaborates with partners to fund research that helps people with MS;

• Informs people about research findings;

• Uses fact-based research findings to improve the lives of people with MS.

NZMSRT is funded by donations and bequests. If you would like to support the work of the trust please donate here https://givealittle.co.nz/org/nzmsrt/

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