Donations and Bequests

Research that makes a real difference. And so can you!

We are making a real difference for people with Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand though research. But we need your help to continue. We can’t do it without you. No donation is too big or too small. It all helps!

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Committing to a regular donation;
  • Making an single donation;
  • Payroll Giving
  • Providing services on a ‘pro bono’ basis;
  • Leave a Legacy and making a specific bequest to the Trust in your will.

Download our brochure for additional information.

Please note: All donations will receive a receipt and those over $5 are eligible for a tax refund.


Regular Giving

Become a regular giver to NZMSRT with monthly donations. Regular donations make a big difference helping us to plan more effectively for the future. There is no minimum donation. Setting up an automatic payment helps provide the Research Trust with financial stability to ensure that we achieve our goals in progressing research.

Giving by direct debit or automatic payment is an agreement between you and the NZMSRT to have regular donations taken from your bank account. You can make a regular donation to the NZMSRT via by your online banking system or by calling or visiting your local branch.

Name of account: New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust
Account number: 02-0214-0186752-00

A receipt is automatically provided on an annual basis as at 31 March for the total amount donated that year, for tax purposes.

Please email with your name and address so we know where to send your receipts. Receipts will be sent by email unless otherwise requested.


Single Donation

You can support our work by donating online today via your internet banking account or via our Give a Little page.

Name of account: New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust
Account number: 02-0214-0186752-00

Please if you would like to receive an acknowledgement of your donation.


Payroll Giving

This gives you the opportunity it make donations direct from your pay without claiming tax credits.
Advice about payroll giving for employees
Advice about payroll giving for employers


Pro Bono

We use professional services and are always on the look out for people or companies with skills to support us to achieve our mission. Please contact if you can help in anyway and provide your services on a pro bono basis.



When you make a bequest to the Trust, you are helping in a very tangible way to further New Zealand-based research into Multiple Sclerosis. Our legal name that needs to be recorded is The New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust and our registered Charity number is CC51849.

If you already have a Will:
If you would like to include a bequest to the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust  in your existing Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (a codicil is a supplement to a Will that is intended to alter or modify it). To make sure your codicil is legal, we recommend it is checked and approved by a qualified legal professional.

If you don’t have a Will:
A Will is an important legal document so it should be prepared by a legal professional. It’s important to discuss options and specific wording with your legal advisor to make sure your Will reflects your wishes clearly, giving specific guidance on how you want your assets and personal belongings distributed when you pass away.

Wording for a bequest:
The following is an indication of the accepted form of words that can be used to leave a bequest to the Trust:

“I give and bequeath the sum of $_____________ (or) __________ % of my estate, (or) residue of my estate, (or) property or assets as follows



free of all charges, to the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust. The official receipt of the Chief Executive or other authorised officer of the Trustee is an absolute discharge to my executors.”

With or without strings attached:
You may chose to leave your bequest freely, i.e. ‘no strings attached’, so that the Trust can apply the funds in the areas of research where they are most needed, or you can specify a specific area of research where you would like the funds to be spent.

You can let us know about the bequest:
There is no requirement to tell us that you’re leaving a bequest to the Trust. However we would like to make sure that your generous giving is suitably thanked and acknowledged in your lifetime. Deciding to tell us about your bequest can also be a good thing if your Will is challenged. If we’re in a position to demonstrate that we have a relationship with you, your wishes are less likely to be amended by the court.

Strictest confidence guaranteed:
Any bequest inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence by the Trust.  We will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous.

Contact us about a bequest:

If you would like to discuss leaving a bequest to the Trust or require further information, please call us on  0800 164 338 or email us at


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