Challenges in Progressive MS Awards now open internationally

December 19, 2019

The International Progressive MS Alliance has officially launched the Challenges in Progressive MS Awards calling for Stage 1 applications by February 2020. The Alliance is calling on researchers across the globe to submit their applications into understanding and managing Progressive MS with 15 grants available each worth up to €75,000 over 12 months.

Calling all Researchers!!!

The International Progressive MS Alliance is launching new research awards that have the potential to fundamentally advance our understanding of the mechanisms that lead to progression in Progressive MS. The new Challenges in Progressive MS Awards will support research proposals that challenge the current thinking and/or traditional approaches used to investigate the underlying mechanisms of the disease. The Progressive MS Alliance are calling on the global research community to put forward innovative, collaborative proposals that will not incrementally advance our knowledge but result in a paradigm shift.

Several people with and affected by MS have been part of the Alliance’s strategy setting and research-decision making.  One of them is Alexis Donnelly from Ireland, living with progressive MS.  He has said about this grant: “To us, who bear the daily burdens of progressive MS, time is precious. It is time to take a higher risk that has the potential to steer the field to new, and with luck, more rewarding horizons.”   We all very much hope with him that this call for proposals leads to such new horizons!

Each award is worth up to of €75,000 over 12 months, with up to 15 grants will be awarded. The call is open to researchers in academic, non-profit and commercial organisations worldwide. Stage 1 applications are due February 2020 with funding decisions expected November 2020. Find out more

See here for the comprehensive Information Sheet

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